Sandi Volpe



Jewelry maker, picture taker and lover of life.

Inspired by my days at the shore and nature out my front door.

I am a Maker

Photos by Sandi Volpe.

I am a maker, I have always been a maker. I come from a family of makers and I was always making things growing up. I even went to college for fashion merchandising...but I really hated flat pattern, when you make your own pattern like project runway. I knew how to sew as my grandparents were a seamstress and tailor, but I discovered I didn't enjoy sewing because it wasn't my medium. Fast forward to a degree in preschool education, a shift to banking and investment management earning an MBA and shifting again to software development and database management.  As luck would have it my last job before taking a break to stay home with my children was at the Library of Congress working on the digital library initiative. What an inspiring time to work on a project capturing the Motion Picture and Recording Sound Division's incredible archive. It was energizing in so many ways, but I knew it was time to re-balance my life. Staying home with my boys was the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever had, but I knew something was missing. I started making simple jewelry for family and friends, I loved what I was doing, so I started taking classes and meeting other jewelry makers and creatives in person and online.  I was a creative.  I always thought my problem solving skills were great, but in essence they were my creative mind busy at work. As I learned more techniques, I knew that I was meant to be a maker, I come alive making, talking about making  and feel blessed that my winding path led me to where I am today with so much more learning going forward.  I love enameling which is pictured above, which is melting glass on metal and working with sterling and fine silver. I passionately create soulful art that speaks to you. I hope you love wearing my pieces as much as I do.