Focus on Life- Week 42 All in a day and Week 43 In the Shadows

Focus on Life has been a weekly photo prompt challenge by  Sally Russick of the Studio Sublime. I have had trouble keeping up this fall, but I am trying to catch up this weekend.

I finally re-stocked the ArtSpace Gallery gift shop in the  town of Herndon, Virginia. The ladies were great at giving me feedback and I sold a couple of items  at drop off...happy dance!!!

A couple of new enamel pendants, I am really happy with the way they came out.


Enamel Pendants

I feel like I have been in the shadows as far as creating jewelry.

I was thrilled to read Kris Lanae Binfelds  blog showing her  bead soup winning design in the fall issue of Jewelry Affaire magazine, which includes all the bead Soup Winners.

My name is even listed as her bead soup partner, big happy dance.

I was Kris's bead soup partner  and sent her some of my first lamp work beads and swirl head pins as well as a focal by Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf that Kris incorporated in her gorgeous design.

I also sent her a grey swirl bead by HMB Studios, that I wired wrapped that Kris used in the design.

To read about this bead soup check out my post here.

Thanks to Lori Anderson for connecting us and you can read all about the Bead Soup Party at Lori's blog.

Thanks to all the bead and jewelry makers that inspire me each and every day, my life is so much richer for this creative community!

I have a batch of swirl headpins to pick up next week at the studio to be made in to necklaces and will be making more, please leave me a comment with your email  if you are interested in purchasing them and I will send you  a note when I have some listed in my shop. 

Thanks for stopping  by and have a great week!!!


BSBP Kris Lanae Binsfeld Design


Focus on Life Week 40 and 41 Smiles and Connections

It has been a busy fall and though I am snapping photos each week I have gotten behind on posting. Funny enough I felt like these 2 weeks belonged together.

The first picture I snapped at the Waterford Fair that I participate in each year, I just love these scarecrows.


Focus on Life Smiles

The second picture is  a picture celebrating my brother's birthday.

They both contain smiles, but also there are webs of connections both in my creative life and family/ friend life.

It is always so much fun when you realize there are mutual friends and you learn how each of you know the person.

Have a fantastic week.

“Just as the wave cannot exist for itself, but is ever a part of the heaving surface of the ocean, so must I never live my life for itself, but always in the experience which is going on around me.” ― Albert Schweitzer


Focus on Life Connections

Focus on Life Week 39-Your Best Shot

I am always thrilled when I can capture a shot that represents my week. Gorgeous sky at soccer drop off, I only regret I did not have my big camera with me, I need to carry that with me more often.

Thanks for coming by and have a great week.

Evening Sky by  Sandi Volpe

Socer Practice

Challenge of Travel-Staycation

Welcome to a double post Saturday.  I was lucky enough to grow up at the Jersey Shore in Sea Girt, New Jersey, a girt is land that is surrounded by water on 3 sides. I also spent many summers in Spring Lake, NJ the next town over at my Nana's and great Aunt's house with all the cousins.

I realized as I worked on this challenge that where I grew up really has influenced my personal style and particularly my jewelry making.

I am not one to where jewelry to the beach for fear that it would get ruined by the salt water and sand. I also like simple designs.

As I have grown and leaned techniques, I always come back to the simple designs.  Sometimes I try to force something different and I wind up all thumbs or frustrated.

Once I had the design ready it worked up quickly  and I am very pleased with the results. My inspiration picture is from a trip back home walking the boardwalk in Spring Lake, NJ.

Spring Lake, NJ

My challenge pieces include a gorgeous set of blue lamp work placed with mobius chain mail spacers on recycled sari silk the color of wet sand  and finished with a bit of chain and an s clasp.

The earrings are recycled glass and fun polka dot beads.

The smell of the ocean, a cool ocean breeze, a walk to find shells and sea glass and a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Thank you Erin for hosting the challenge and sending me back in time remembering all the great days I spent on the beach and cherishing every day I get back there to enjoy the ocean waves.

Please visit Erin at Treasures Found to see all the other participants.

Soul of the Sea


Focus on Life Week 29 Routine and Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

When I am in the routine of exercising I feel like everything else in my life falls in to place. This week I took a nice long walk with my hubby and dog in the cool shade of the trails and water crossings. It just takes one step to get moving and start a routine.

Please visit Sally at  the Studio Sublime and  check out all the other Focus on Life photos below.


Creek crossing

I kept this one step at a time in mind when I headed in to the studio to make something for the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop...I have not been making time to get in the studio.

I knew I just had to get in there and make something, I made a simple pair of earrings, with beads from HMB Studios and placed  2 of my lamp work beads and enamel beads on a chain, simple but I like them.

I hope to step in to my studio most days with the goal of just making one thing and hopefully that will lead me to making 2, then 3 and soon I will be back to creating on a regular basis.

Happy Saturday everyone, I plan on going for a walk and creating in the studio today. What are you planning for your day?earrings