Focus on Life Week 25 You are...

I am an Artist. When I started on my creative journey I did not know where it would take me and i would not call myself an artist.

I love varied media while creating including taking the photos each week for our challenges.

I have created enough of my own enamel and glass beads, plus components to store them in container of their own, that was an exciting realization.

I have been side tracked by family a lot this year, but I am slowly organizing and making a few things.

So my focus on life photos of are my creative box of goodies and a couple items I made recently.

I had D'arsie of Mamacita Beadworks make me tags that I have used to  make a simple earring and necklace set.

The second pendant is a lamp work head pin I made, I love it and wear it every day.

What have you been creating lately?  I hope you are having a wonderful start to summer.

Thanks Sally, this was a tough one and I changed my mine several times...check out the other photos that were snapped this week at The Studio Sublime.



Focus on Life Week 24- Green

When I got our prompt for the week from Sally, I thought my photo would be a picture of my studio, which is painted green, but that will have to wait for another prompt. I met friends for lunch on a beautiful day.  We have a wonderful mural painted by local artist Keith Naquin,  "Chesapeake Vistas," on the wall of the Ice House Cafe which is next to O'Sullivan's patio, where we had lunch.

I could not resist taking a photo of this fantastic  mural by Keith that was  commissioned by the Council for the Arts.   Our  waiter explained that the sailboat is the Irish flag, the red and green chairs are the colors of his  county and the Celtic Jersey on the far dock,  were additions the artist made at his request.  My mom's family is from County Cork and we have a Celtic Jersey in our my green came from an unexpected source and a nod to my heritage.

I hope you are having beautiful weather where you are and I must leave you with my favorite Irish blessing. Please visit The Studio Sublime and see what the other participants captured that was green this week.

An Old Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Keith Naquin, "Chesapeake Vistas" mural in Herndon, Virginia


Focus on Life Week 23 - Typography

It was a week of waiting for surgery for my son's broken leg.

I was feeling a bit anxious the night before  as I drove to soccer practice (for his brother), a car passed and the license plate read BREEATHE.

I was not able to snap a picture, but Breathe is my word of the year and  is just the word I needed to see.

As, I walked the hospital grounds the next day to get some exercise while  waiting  for my son to come out of surgery  I snapped my photo for the week.

Focus on Life week 23

I love the name of  the road to  the hospital, what a hopeful  sign to see as you drive on to the grounds.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers  for a speedy recovery, I appreciate every single word.

Surgery went well, now time for healing.

I  hope you have a fantastic week and see the typography that Sally and the rest of the participants snapped this week at the Studio Sublime.

Focus on Life Week 22 Foodie

It has been a rough week, my son broke 2 bones in his lower leg and is scheduled for surgery.

I love to cook and eat,  but sometimes life gets hectic.

I try to capture a picture each week as my week unfolds and try not to force a shot.

This week as I sat to eat my breakfast, aha picture for the week.

Have a wonderful week and please visit Sally's blog to see the other foodie pictures and sign up for the Black and White challenge.

Home made waffle with fresh blueberries

Focus on Life Week 20 - Looking Up

photo (2)

Looking up

I  finally have  a sunroof on my van and I love having it open with the sun shining down.

As I was driving to soccer this week the sky and clouds looked cool so I decided to snap a few pics at every red light.

I am glad I took the time to look up and capture these pictures.

I really can not thank Sally Russick of the Studio Sublime

and all the participants of Focusing on Life for challenging me to look at

my world  in new ways.

I have enjoyed every week, even the difficult self-portrait and love this journey we are taking together.

I can't wait to see what images everyone else captured looking up this week.

Focus on Life Week 19- Hope

Hope can be fleeting, invisible,  almost dream like.

I waited for a picture to capture this week and mother nature did not disappoint.

I feel the Hope of each  day and the beauty that surrounds me.

As my youngest played while I finished up dinner, the skies opened up, he ran inside to tell me there was a rainbow.

It was a faint rainbow and I was not sure I could capture it with my camera.

I snapped some shots as Max told me to get inside because my camera was getting wet.

As I join my fellow photographers for this week's challenge, I wish my  Mother, a very Happy Mother's Day somewhere over the rainbow.

Have a great weekend and thank you for all the beautiful comments  I appreciate each and every one!!!

 A huge thank you to Sally of the Studio Sublime for leading us on this amazing weekly journey.

Happy Mother's Day!!

"Hope is a waking dream." Aristotle


Focus on Life 18-Abstract

I have been following Lori Plyer of Studio Waterstone and when she started Watercolor 101, I wanted to jump in. The lessons seemed straight forward and doable.

I have taken some online classes using acrylic paint, so I had most of the materials, I just needed watercolors.

Each week Sally assign's our prompt I think oh maybe I will paint this week, but then I do not or decide on another photo for the prompt.

This week when Sally assigned abstract, it was the perfect prompt for this watercolor 101 assignment.

This is a work in progress that I hope to complete with the next assignment in Lori's series.

Thanks for stopping by.

To see what the others found that was abstract, please visit the Studio Sublime.



Focus on Life Week 17 Color/Colour

Blue is my favorite color.

I love a beautiful blue sky, the blue ocean  or turquoise  Caribbean sea, many gemstones in all shades of blue.

I find in my home there are many shades of blue.

I snapped a picture of one of the tiles in my ceramic tile mirror in my hallway.

It has such gorgeous colors of blue and the rich colors of Italy, where we purchased the mirror.

Blue makes my feel content, happy and serene.

Go see all the other gorgeous colors at the Studio Sublime with Sally Russick and my fellow participants in the Focus on Life series.

I am sure there are some beautifully colored bead soups creations that you can see too at the final bead soup reveal.

Visit Lori Anderson to see what she created and all the other participants of the final revel of the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party!!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy the  blue skies that surround you and all the beautiful colors of spring!

Focus on Life Week 17-color

Focus on Life Week 16-Take a walk

Well this week's prompt was  a bit funny for me. I had  minor knee surgery on Friday and was icing and resting the better part of the week. I knew I would welcome taking a walk.  I got back to a normal routine on Wednesday, but my knee and body revolted.  So I scaled back, iced and rested.

I am posting a day late, but I am happy to report that I did a walk about in my yard to capture  what was blooming.

I hope this week to go on a proper walk, but until then I will enjoy where I am right now, right here and see where every one else went for a walk at the Studio Sublime.

Thanks for visiting and I hope Spring is blooming where you are too!






Focus on Life week 15 - Aged Beauty

Focus on Life one Photo a week has been a photo blogging journey, I have been participating in this year. Sally from the studio sublime, gives us a prompt each week. Each week it is fun to see what everyone will come up with. This week's challenge Aged Beauty from Sally's prompt: Aged pieces have a beauty all their own, a beauty that draws us in to look a little deeper into a past time. This is my Grandparent's sewing machine, it sits in my front hall all closed up. It was fun to open it up and snap some pictures. I love where it is worn by the hands of my grandmother, grandfather and aunt and I bit of time where I sat and learned. Check out all the great photos at Sally's Blog as well as the Bead Soup Blog Party at Lori Anderson's blog Pretty Things. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!!!


Aged beauty

Bead Soup Blog Party 7... the reveal

I am lucky to be part of this amazing gathering of jewelry makers and designers from all over the world brought together by our creative genius Lori Anderson. We swap beads including a focal and a clasp and design a piece or 2.  Visit Lori's blog to learn more about the Bead Soup Blog Party, and you can even buy the Bead Soup Book.

Each bead soup is in adventure in putting together a bead soup that you hope your partner will like and receiving a soup that will challenge your creativity.

My partner is Kris Lanae Binsfeld, of Cherished Designs. Kris works with steel wire and primarily vintage components. Kris has a jewelry lines with Creative Co-op and Demdaco/Silvestri.

I loved reading about Kris and seeing her work, I have worked with steel wire, but never with many vintage components, so I loved the idea of creating with new materials

Kris sent me one of her fabulous wire worked pendants, love it as well as an  assortment of vintage beads. I even bought some vintage beads to use in my design. Kris  also sent me the great labeled  picture too!

BSBP7-Kris Lanae Binsfeld


Kris sent me such a great soup it was easy to work up my designs, thanks Kris!!!

I was worried about keeping the scale right, so I just started creating links with a simple loops on one end so I could re-arrange as necessary.

I thought I would create layers of handmade chain, with some wire crochet in the layers, but as I draped  the piece as I made it, it  looked best finished with a double strand  of black suede.

I plan on tying it in the back so I can adjust the length, but will probably add a bit of chain with the  lobster claw once I decide the length I like.

I knew I wanted to use the clasp as a pendant.  I kept it simple, with some ruby dangles and put it on a ball chain, I bet it will become a go to favorite.

I very happy with my results. I can honestly say it was very fun working with the vintage soup. I can not wait to see what Kris created.  Thank you so much Lori and Kris.





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Focus on Life Week 13- have Faith

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

                                       ~ Augustine

This week is Spring Break so we were out and about for a few days and decided to stop by the National Harbor in Maryland.

I wanted my boys to see the statue "The Awakening", that was moved from it's original location at Hains Point in Washington DC.

I know that faith comes and goes,  but there are times when there is  an awakening in our faith,  in our selves, in our beliefs.

Come back tomorrow to see what I created for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party!!!




I looked for a quote that would sum up faith for me at this moment in time and found a great one by Ayn Rand:

#Quotes Ayn Rand


The Awakening National Harbor

Focus on life week 12-Observe the Curve

Each week I try and snap a photo during the week  of something that gives you a glimpse into my life.  This week  life threw me  a curve ball and I did not have a photo, did not want to force a photo or rely on old photo. I know all of you reading this feel the same, I love, love, love focusing on life and Sally's prompts each week.

I love visiting and seeing the pictures although I do not always comment.  I am getting better on commenting on the run.

Finally, this morning as I tried to decide what picture to include, it came to me. I always allow time each morning to enjoy a cup or 2 of coffee.

This week, we did not have the coffee that I like at the house so I treated myself to the Dunkin Donuts drive thru and also bought some Dunkin Donuts k-cups.

So, finely this morning I am sitting and enjoying my cup of coffee before we head out to soccer. I hope you all are enjoying a cup of something and check out all the fab photos at the Studio Sublime. Have a great weekend.





Focus on Life week 11- possibilities

At the beginning of the week I thought  I would really clean and tidy my studio and snap a picture to show the possibilities of my creative space. Anyway,  new car negotiations, doctor appointment for a torn meniscus, field trip with my oldest and my week evaporated.

However, an unexpected possibility for a  chance to create even more this week happened.

I was buying some of Jeanette Blix's de-stash items and Jeanette was going to punch out some washers for me.

What  a fantastic surprise when  Jeanette brought over her disc cutter for me to borrow.

Thanks so much Jeanette.  Jeanette and Cindy Wimmer will be opening the registration for ArtBliss soon.

There will be a lot of possibilities with the creative line up of classes at ArtBliss.

I will be busy this week learning to use the disc cutter and sketching out designs that I want to punch out of the various metal sheets in my studio.

I hope everyone had a great week, thanks so much for stopping by.   Please visit Sally at the Studio Sublime to see what everyone else saw as  possibilities this week.

Focus on Life week 11 possiblities


Focus on Life week 10- wrapped up

This week I hosted Bunko at my house, this is a dice game that I play with my friends and I call it a girl's version of poker night.

We always put snacks on the table. I decided to put Hershey miniatures on one table. The idea was to have a variety of candy and to limit my consumption, since I had to unwrap each piece.

Let's just say unwrapping did not slow me down!

See what everyone else wrapped by visiting Sally at the  Studio Sublime.


Focus on Life Week 9-Knock, knock

When I saw this prompt I planned on scouting interesting doors in our town. There are plenty of interesting churches and Victorian houses.

I then thought about taking a picture of the door to my studio or creative mess.

Camera in tow looking for interesting doors, I set out to a friends house for a doggie play date with Cody.

Eureka, I always make Cody sit, when I knock on the door.  The first picture I snapped is before  he played, I feel like he is saying, come on mom I am here to play.

The second picture is after our play date, I wanted to get a better picture of the door and I  love a red door.

Finally, a tired Cody by our  back door.

It has been so good connecting with my friend as the dogs play and Cody is so happy and tired at the end.

Thank you, thank you,  thank you my friend for the opportunity to provide a doggie friend for Cody  and mommy friend for me!

You can see who  is knocking at everyone's door by visiting Sally at the Studio Sublime.

A door opened and I went through it.

                                                          ~Temple Grandin


Time to play