Wire working...my creative medium

As I started down the path of jewelry making I was not sure where it would lead me.  I have always loved making, baking, cooking, knitting you name it and I would try it.  I started beading, then learned to wire wrap, and hand knot pearls.  Moved on to metal smithing and solderd art.  As I have learned new techniques like wire crochet, viking knit, chainmaille and chain making I discovered I love the wire and metal.

I am so excited to manipulate the wire/metal.  I love the tools and I will be learning even more as I take Stephanie Lee's  Homesteader's Metalsmithing E-Course.  It starts November 8th, there is still time to sign up!!!! New pieces to be created, I will post my first finished project here...stay tuned.

What is your creative medium?