What about Kathy...a promise.

I worry about my sister Kathy. I now understand a little why my Mom worried as much as she did. Kathy is the middle of five children, I am number 4, we have 2 older brothers and one younger brother. Kathy was diagnosed with brain damage at the age of five, I was 2 and my youngest brother was just 6 weeks.  JFK had just been assassinated and my Poppa  died of cancer.  While I can not imagine how my mom "Dee" felt it must have been overwhelming. The grief for her father, the mourning of a country for a beloved president and the disbelief that a child has a life long disability.

My Mom died of lung cancer 4 years ago. My last words to her, "Mom, I will take care of Dad and Kathy."  I have wonderful brothers that are able and willing to help, but as the daughter I feel like I carry the weight and responsibility.  There are days that I feel guilty that I am not doing more. There are days that I feel happy that my sister now lives 2 miles away, instead of 4 hours away. There are days that I feel lucky and she smiles. There are days that I wished she lived in a place with her own peeps.

As I write, I realize this is the result of  4 years of grieving for a mother I did not understand. My mother  lived with grace and dignity, but did not ask for help, even though she could use a hand.

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, an artist, a lover of life  living every day to honor my promise.

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