We all have 24 hours...

I know we all have 24 hours, but sometimes I feel as though  the hours, the days, the weeks, the months fly by and the routine of life takes over. When I get free time, I do not always use it wisely.  I am better if I have a plan or trick myself to clean the house so I can create new pieces,  learn a new technique, or just read.

I make time for family and friends, enjoy running and reading outside, volunteer at school , see my girlfriends for bunko and book club.   Enjoy time with all my boys including my Dad and brothers.  But sometimes it feels like I living ground hog day:-)

Where do the hours go?

  • wake up drink coffee, a must
  • laundry started
  • dishwasher emptied
  • one off to school
  • breakfast, lunches the next two off  to school
  • exercise
  • run errands and volunteer
  • lunch
  • create and clean
  • one home, snack and homework
  • 2 more home, snack and homework
  • soccer
  • dinner
  • finish homework
  • read
  • bed
  • repeat

How do you spend your 24 hours?