Unplugged...photo 3 of 52 focus on life

I was giddy for this week's assignment, focus on taking  time for myself. Although,  I am pretty good at getting in me time, I was really looking forward to making sure I did things that made me feel good, every day of the week with no guilt.

As the week was winding down and it was time to write my post it occurred to me the thing I valued the most this week was being unplugged.

Saturday,  I walked with my hubby in Great Falls Park with our dog Cody. It was a beautiful day and I snapped a few pictures hoping one might work for the theme.

Great Falls

On Sunday I treated myself to Kerry's Aspire to Wire e-course.

On Monday I  got to work on the e-course and focused on the lessons and creating.

Project 1 bangle and Project 2 Carpe Diem earrings

I made sure to get my 4 workouts in this week including a session of Yoga and I never have my phone when I am exercising and no cameras allowed!

Today, I enjoyed some quiet time reading magazines, sipping tea and adding a new twist to a favorite snack.  I love snacking on apples and peanut butter, but added a bit of cinnamon...yum.

I hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed time doing something you love.


Tea Time