Soccer Mom musings....Champions

Yes, I am a Soccer Mom. I have 3 boys that play soccer,  a husband that has played and coached his whole life, so I live in a soccer obsessed household and I  love it. I love beeing a Soccer Mom, I love the game, I love the team work, I love being outside on a beautiful day watching. We have goals in our front yard and the soccer community is such a great family.

I have to thank all the soccer moms and dads that have inspired me over the years, long before I became a know who you are.

My boys have been on a soccer field all of their lives.  They were loved and played with by the players and their parents, a heartfelt thanks.

One fond memory is being stuck in the Orlando Airport 6 months pregnant,  2 young boys in tow and a plane that needed mechanical repairs.  My 2 boys had the time of their lives with all the players, playing soccer in the airport terminal until the wee hours waiting for a plane.

This weekend, went by in a flash as we watched the 4 tournament games and a 1st place finish.  The boys played as a team, worked hard and they won the championship.  I love using soccer as an analogy when trying to make a point with my boys.

My favorite quote from an old mouse pad with a soccer ball on it.

"Oppurtunity; you miss 100% of the shots you never take."

Congratulations to the team, you took a lot of shots and scored a lot of GOALS!!!

So, I challenge you to take a shot at a project or an exercise goal this week, leave me a comment on what you did and the outcome, I will do the same.