Monday musings "carpe diem"...

So, we are having an unexpected week off from school, 3 snow days last week and 2 teacher work days today and tomorrow, with more snow on the way. Last year, I took the boys out of school and we spent a fantastic week in Disney, celebrating Dad's birthday and getting an extra night in FLA, due to an east coast ice storm.

This year, time off, but no plans because Dad had to work (note to self make plans that can always be cancelled).

So we have igloos, we have played, had the excitement of baby fish being born, but I needed to get away from the house and "seize the day."

First stop , Five Guys for burgers and fries, I am not even a big meat eater, but the burgers are beyond yummy.

Next stop  the movies to see Narnia 3, we all loved it and almost had the theater to ourselves.

The final destination frozen custard for a sweet treat with hot fudge sauce.

So I am fat and happy with my staycation and a day of fun with my boys.

Carpe diem or seize the day as often as you can!