Silver and Simplicity

I think we all know our style and if we look back we can pick out the times that we strayed from  our style and probably cringe at the pictures or memories.   Most days I wear a sterling bracelet,  a pair of silver hoops, and my Mom's infinity necklace.   I may wear earrings with silver and  gorgeous lamp work beads or layer my wrist  with a couple more bracelets or a necklace or 2, but most days it is simply silver. On my  jewelry making journey learning to become  a metal smith has been at the top of my list.  I think my skills will continue to evolve, but I know I love the simplicity of metal that has been shaped, textured  and formed.

What I have learned is I love and embrace  simplicity. I decided to re-make the  pair of hoops above  and I am going to keep making some of my favorite simple designs because that is who I am at the core.  I have been trying to simplify my life with less stuff and purging my studio of things I do not need, so simplifying my design process seems to be a natural extension.

If you are interested in buying a pair of my hoops send me an email at sandi at sandivolpe dot com.

To living life with simplicity. Share your tips for living with simplicity.