Round Nose Pliers...a review and why a good pair will make wire wrapping easier

When I started making jewelry I bought a set of pliers from Michael's with a 40% off coupon. I really wanted to learn how to wire wrap. I started taking classes and my first wire wrapping class was with a fantastic instructor. I had my Michael's round nose pliers and was having trouble. My instructor said let me show you why you are having trouble...the jaws do not meet, there was too much space between the round nose jaws. I really could not get a good grip on the wire to make a decent loop. I tried my instructor's pliers, Lindstrom Rx and had an aha moment...better pliers equal better loops.

I ordered the round nose, flush cutter and chain nose Lindstrom rx and my wire working improved ten fold.

I have since bought bail making pliers, a multi step wrapping pliers and most recently a Revere round nose pliers....oh my them!!

I still love the Lindstroms, but they are on the small side which is great for tight spaces and small loops.  The Revere pliers  give me larger loops and have no spring which is nice. Deryn Mentock, a fantastic instructor recommended these pliers in one of her classes and I finally got a pair on sale from jewelry tools.

My advice is to try different pliers and see which one feels the best in your hands and helps you  make loops. Bring some inexpensive craft wire to your local bead store or o a class and try out different pliers before you buy.   Buy the best pliers you can afford,  but buy one that feels comfortable and is easy for you to make loops. Which round nose pliers do you like?