Mostly Metal...

I have been making jewelry for a few years, but wanted to get some focus and decide what I really like to do. I love working with metal and the more I learn the more I want to learn. Below are a few pictures of what I have been making.

Etched brass hoops, etched sheet from Lisa Liddy and Metal Me This.  I love the etched look, but do not love the etching process!!

I love embossing and texturing metal, so adding  fold forming seem liked a natural progression. Fold forming adds another dimension and I have been very happy with my reults so far.   I combined, embossing, fold forming and texturing on the pendant and added a lamp work bead from my stash of Kerry Bogert beads.  The leaf  and the rounds were fold formed and textured. I am still deciding on how much of the heat patina I will leave on the pieces, the one round was cleaned with penny brite.

What is your favorite medium?