Jewelry Making...inspired by my Dad and Grandparents

I feel like it is only fitting that If I write about the inspiration behind jewelry making I should give credit to my family. My mom was not so handy, but my dad taught me how to mow the lawn, change the oil and fix just about anything. Of course I did not appreciate it growing up because I felt like I was being treated like one of the boys. I come from a family of makers. Some were makers due to their skill, others were makers out of necessity. My grandfather was an amazing tailor, my grandmother and aunt were seamstresses as well as crafters. Extended family taught me knitting, cross stitch and I loved baking and entering 4h fairs with me creations.

I went to college for fashion merchandising, but I really did not like my flat pattern class. To make a long story short I majored in pre- school education and completed my MBA in strategic management and public policy while working in DC. A shift to computers in the banking industry led me to software training and development. When I took a break to be a stay at home mom, I wanted something to do, so I tried jewelry making. As they say the rest is history. I had no idea I would take this path, but I am living and loving it.

I plan on following up this post with the amazing women and men who have helped me on this journey.

Who or what inspires you?, I would love to hear!!!