Jewelry Designs...the "Dee" bracelet

I have been making jewelry for several years, developing skills and learning as much as I can from some amazing teachers. Sometimes, I love simple monchromatic designs, sometimes I like random designs and other times I love to punch it up with color.

But one thing that I have learned in jewlery making and in life sometimes simple is better.

My Mom's birthday is today and although she has left the physical world, much of her jewelry remains with me, including a pearl bracelet I made her.

My Mom loved jewelry and I used to raid her jewlery box and modify pieces or make earrings out of her many strands of crystals.

My Mom had great costume peices as well as many fancy pieces, but she did not have a simple pearl bracelet.

So, I made her a freshwater pearl bracelet with all its simplicity.  This was one of my first peices and although I would put on a different clasp, I love the simple design and she loved wearing it!