Focus on Life Week 9-Knock, knock

When I saw this prompt I planned on scouting interesting doors in our town. There are plenty of interesting churches and Victorian houses.

I then thought about taking a picture of the door to my studio or creative mess.

Camera in tow looking for interesting doors, I set out to a friends house for a doggie play date with Cody.

Eureka, I always make Cody sit, when I knock on the door.  The first picture I snapped is before  he played, I feel like he is saying, come on mom I am here to play.

The second picture is after our play date, I wanted to get a better picture of the door and I  love a red door.

Finally, a tired Cody by our  back door.

It has been so good connecting with my friend as the dogs play and Cody is so happy and tired at the end.

Thank you, thank you,  thank you my friend for the opportunity to provide a doggie friend for Cody  and mommy friend for me!

You can see who  is knocking at everyone's door by visiting Sally at the Studio Sublime.

A door opened and I went through it.

                                                          ~Temple Grandin


Time to play