Focus on Life Week 6...Feel the Love

When I got the prompt from Sally, I knew exactly what I wanted to capture...hugs. I just love it when my boys come up and give  me hugs, and as they get older I treasure each hug I get.

A hug  feels so warm and cozy and  filled with love.

For the life of me I was not sure how I could capture a hug with arms wrapped around me and  I tried.

Anyway, we  were watching the super bowl and the picture I snapped, embodies what I was trying to capture.

Warm, cozy,  unconditional love...our almost 2 year old Cody cuddled up hugging hubby's leg.

Cody Snuggled

Cody is the first dog I have every owned, my Mom was allergic to animals with hair; cats, dogs, horses etc.

My boys,  both big and small begged for a dog and we searched, but I wasn't ready.

Finally, on a Sunday on the soccer field, I decided that if the right puppy/dog came along we would get one.

Monday morning at the bus stop there was our Cody a cute 7 pound rescue that was being fostered by a family in our neighborhood.

I so grateful for visits and  comments, thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I hope to get caught up on everyone's posts this weekend.

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Cody 7 weeks