Focus on Life Week 4- Word(s)

In an effort to make 2014 a more productive year...I am choosing the word finish. I used to be great about picking a few things that had to be finished each day and finished them.

Usually, when I pick 3 things to accomplish  I continue to do more.

In 2013 , I  got derailed more than normal and felt  like I was lucky to do the bare minimum.

I know the one thing that helps me accomplish my goals is consistent exercise, it clears my head and gives me energy to tackle what ever my day has ahead.

I just read a quote similar to this in a magazine...I never regret exercising, I only regret when I skip a work out.

This is so true for me, so heres to finishing a work out and my goals for the day.

Just for fun my picture is  snapped from a French verb dictionary.

What helps you stay on track, please share.  Thanks for coming by and have a great week.