Focus on Life week 4 Create Art

Thank you Sally and all the participants of the Focus on Life challenge.  I am humbled by all the comments and thrilled to get to know some friends better and meet some new friends. This week I went to the Glass House  at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia to create  lamp work beads.

I  took my first lamp working class with Kerry Bogert at ArtBliss in the fall, Sally and Elisabeth were in class with me too.  Since I do not have a kiln to properly anneal (harden) my beads I go to the glass house and use their studio  and kiln.  I had a great session making headpins and beads, but  in the kiln they went and I will not retrieve them until next week.  Since,  the Workhouse is about 40 minutes away, I can only get there a couple times a month.  I plan on retrieving the beads when I go to the studio on Wednesday.

My hope this year in doing this challenge is to take  interesting and beautiful photos.

Clearly,  I could not have a post without a photo, so here is a picture from Great FallsPark Virginia.   It is a photo of the what was part of the first canal system in the United States that used locks to raise and lower boats.

Thank you so much for visiiting.

Please  see what everyone else created by visiting the Studio Sublime.

Great Falls Park Virginai