Focus on Life Week 35 -Growth and Change

Beads  2013I had the opportunity to take my second lamp work class at bead fest this past week and spend time with many other creatives. I felt  like I took a leap in growth  this weekend with all the creative energy and the results I got from making beads in my class.

I took Fall in Love with Frit with Kris Schaibel. Kris is a talented and generous teacher and makes beads that are gorgeous works of art

I felt at ease and got to work creating beads.

I think it was the class environment as well as my growing confidence in my ability to create that enabled me to create the beads above.

I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every teacher that has helped along this journey as well as my creative tribe that encourages my creativity and pushes me to continue learning, you inspire me more every day.

As a late blooming creative, I  want to thank my family and friends that have believed in my creativity since day one, your encouragement has kept me going when I had my doubts.

Thanks Sally for this weekly challenge and all the participants  that make each week a fun photo adventure!!