Focus on Life Week 25 You are...

I am an Artist. When I started on my creative journey I did not know where it would take me and i would not call myself an artist.

I love varied media while creating including taking the photos each week for our challenges.

I have created enough of my own enamel and glass beads, plus components to store them in container of their own, that was an exciting realization.

I have been side tracked by family a lot this year, but I am slowly organizing and making a few things.

So my focus on life photos of are my creative box of goodies and a couple items I made recently.

I had D'arsie of Mamacita Beadworks make me tags that I have used to  make a simple earring and necklace set.

The second pendant is a lamp work head pin I made, I love it and wear it every day.

What have you been creating lately?  I hope you are having a wonderful start to summer.

Thanks Sally, this was a tough one and I changed my mine several times...check out the other photos that were snapped this week at The Studio Sublime.