Focus on Life Week 23 - Typography

It was a week of waiting for surgery for my son's broken leg.

I was feeling a bit anxious the night before  as I drove to soccer practice (for his brother), a car passed and the license plate read BREEATHE.

I was not able to snap a picture, but Breathe is my word of the year and  is just the word I needed to see.

As, I walked the hospital grounds the next day to get some exercise while  waiting  for my son to come out of surgery  I snapped my photo for the week.

Focus on Life week 23

I love the name of  the road to  the hospital, what a hopeful  sign to see as you drive on to the grounds.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers  for a speedy recovery, I appreciate every single word.

Surgery went well, now time for healing.

I  hope you have a fantastic week and see the typography that Sally and the rest of the participants snapped this week at the Studio Sublime.