Focus on Life Week 19- Hope

Hope can be fleeting, invisible,  almost dream like.

I waited for a picture to capture this week and mother nature did not disappoint.

I feel the Hope of each  day and the beauty that surrounds me.

As my youngest played while I finished up dinner, the skies opened up, he ran inside to tell me there was a rainbow.

It was a faint rainbow and I was not sure I could capture it with my camera.

I snapped some shots as Max told me to get inside because my camera was getting wet.

As I join my fellow photographers for this week's challenge, I wish my  Mother, a very Happy Mother's Day somewhere over the rainbow.

Have a great weekend and thank you for all the beautiful comments  I appreciate each and every one!!!

 A huge thank you to Sally of the Studio Sublime for leading us on this amazing weekly journey.

Happy Mother's Day!!

"Hope is a waking dream." Aristotle