Focus on Life week 15 - Aged Beauty

Focus on Life one Photo a week has been a photo blogging journey, I have been participating in this year. Sally from the studio sublime, gives us a prompt each week. Each week it is fun to see what everyone will come up with. This week's challenge Aged Beauty from Sally's prompt: Aged pieces have a beauty all their own, a beauty that draws us in to look a little deeper into a past time. This is my Grandparent's sewing machine, it sits in my front hall all closed up. It was fun to open it up and snap some pictures. I love where it is worn by the hands of my grandmother, grandfather and aunt and I bit of time where I sat and learned. Check out all the great photos at Sally's Blog as well as the Bead Soup Blog Party at Lori Anderson's blog Pretty Things. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!!!


Aged beauty