Focus on life week 12-Observe the Curve

Each week I try and snap a photo during the week  of something that gives you a glimpse into my life.  This week  life threw me  a curve ball and I did not have a photo, did not want to force a photo or rely on old photo. I know all of you reading this feel the same, I love, love, love focusing on life and Sally's prompts each week.

I love visiting and seeing the pictures although I do not always comment.  I am getting better on commenting on the run.

Finally, this morning as I tried to decide what picture to include, it came to me. I always allow time each morning to enjoy a cup or 2 of coffee.

This week, we did not have the coffee that I like at the house so I treated myself to the Dunkin Donuts drive thru and also bought some Dunkin Donuts k-cups.

So, finely this morning I am sitting and enjoying my cup of coffee before we head out to soccer. I hope you all are enjoying a cup of something and check out all the fab photos at the Studio Sublime. Have a great weekend.