Focus on Life week 11- possibilities

At the beginning of the week I thought  I would really clean and tidy my studio and snap a picture to show the possibilities of my creative space. Anyway,  new car negotiations, doctor appointment for a torn meniscus, field trip with my oldest and my week evaporated.

However, an unexpected possibility for a  chance to create even more this week happened.

I was buying some of Jeanette Blix's de-stash items and Jeanette was going to punch out some washers for me.

What  a fantastic surprise when  Jeanette brought over her disc cutter for me to borrow.

Thanks so much Jeanette.  Jeanette and Cindy Wimmer will be opening the registration for ArtBliss soon.

There will be a lot of possibilities with the creative line up of classes at ArtBliss.

I will be busy this week learning to use the disc cutter and sketching out designs that I want to punch out of the various metal sheets in my studio.

I hope everyone had a great week, thanks so much for stopping by.   Please visit Sally at the Studio Sublime to see what everyone else saw as  possibilities this week.

Focus on Life week 11 possiblities