Finding my creative voice....wisdom from a teacher

I was lucky to attend the first ArtBliss Workshop in the fall of 2010 and took a class with Deryn Mentock, as well as meeting some other incredible teachers and creatives I mention here. Deryn wrote a great article for Bell Amoire Jewelry about finding your creative voice, that is so true.  I know the more I practice the better I get and learning the various techniques will lead to more interesting jewelry and my own style.

I am excited to take another ArtBliss workshop with Stephanie Lee in March, a follow up for me of her Homesteaders class.

A  glimpse of a new piece with techniques I have learned from 2 talented ladies.

I love being able to make my own headpins to get the size and style I want.

I will be featuring various posts that have really spoken to me each Thursday.   The teachers will not only be creatives it will be anything that I read that gives me guidance or inspiration.

This creative journey has been fantastic one and I think I will learn more this year about my style and myself as I explore what I can do and meet more wonderful creatives along the way.

Who or what inspires you?