Experiments with glass....Create Art

Last week our Focus on Life was to Create Art.  I created class headpins and beads and picked them up this week. It felt like I created more than what is shown below, but I am still learning. The headpins were a bit of trial and error, but I went back this week and created another bunch and started to get into a groove making them.  I have tried to limit my color palette until I get better at making beads and I have found it makes it easier to create this way.  I ordered  some frit, which is small pieces of glass that will add a punch of color that I will experiment with next week.

I think a kiln at home is in my future, so if anyone local wants to sell or lend me one let me know.

Until then, I will go to the Glass House at Workhouse Arts Center  which for right now is great.  I can learn and ask questions from other lamp workers and that will help me more than having a kiln at home.

Glass Headpins and Beads

Sand Dune