Dream big… or go home

It is not about the end game, but the journey and the effort. We can push beyond what we think we can, if we just work hard and try.  It does not always mean we will be successful, but if we try something, we feel successful and learn from that experience.  Being a recreational runner, I always thought of a 5k race as short even though I ran 10k races, which to marathoners is short.  I run to clear my head, eat chocolate and to enjoy the great outdoors.  Some times I love it, some times I hate it, but when I am done I always feel better.   My husband is a runner too.  As we discussed an upcoming 5k race , he said that my pace should be challenging enough that I left all my effort out on the course. This was a new way of thinking about a 5k.

Race day I decided to challenge my pace and lined up with a group running the pace I wanted to maintain.  An aggressive pace for me!!  A neighbor's daughter was running and I decided to run with her, she is very fast. Needless to say she helped me  smash my goal pace the first 2 miles and then I slowed a bit for the third.  I felt great that I pushed the boundaries of what I thought I could do.  So lesson learned Dream big with your goals and put out good effort and you can go home with smile on your face and bounce in your step.  Challenge yourself today!!!