Crafters Devotional Blog Hop

I have been in a more refelective mode this year and not always as creative or productive as I would like, so I jumped on the Crafters Devotional Blog Hop as a way to jump start my creativity. Thanks Elizabeth and Sharon for being the creative motivators!! Although I have not completed the projects I have 2 picked out and one on deck. Check out page 111, which is ironic that 11 is my lucky number...I most be on the right path. I was born at the time 7:11, house was 1111, my first condo 2511 and my wedding anniversary 11/11.

I also seem to notice the clock at 11 past the hour? Anybody know numerology?

Anyway,  the project is a Stones for Healing or chakra bracelet. I have been curious about the various properties of stones and minerals. I am making one in hopes that will help my creativity or at least remind me.

The Blank Slate:Cigar Boxes. I have a collection and a plan for this project, so will report back when I have completed my projects.

Getting ready to head out for Bead Fest Philly and I am sure that the energy and Art Beads I find as well as meeting old and new friends will have me inspired to come home to create.

Please come back next Saturday for my Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal, where you can find plenty of inspiration from the first 2 reaveals!!  What projects are on your list?