Cookie disaster…

I have been baking cookies since I was a child and all my brothers and sister loved the cookies that I would crank out and my mother would look around the kitchen wondering what exploded, I am a messy baker. Each year my neighborhood hosts a cookie swap and we all love cookies, but three things went wrong.

  • Had the time wrong, it was way earlier than I thought, afternoon versus evening and I needed to whip up a quick batch.
  • Picked out a new recipe and did not realize it needed to be refrigerated so went to Martha Stewart googled quick cookies and decided to try oatmeal crisp.
  • When they baked I had a sheet of one big flat cookie, took them out decided to roll, cut and sprinkle with powdered sugar and all would be good in cookie land

NOT....I am not sure who was more disappointed my boys because I had no cookies to swap or me because I had an unrecoverable cookie disaster!!

Lucky for me I suggested we add an ornament swap to the cookie swap this year so if you did not want to bake cookies you could still swap an ornament, I think I jinxed myself from the get go.

Arrived at the cookie swap late, ornament in hand, no cookies, with a big grin on my face because it was just a comedy of errors and made me laugh.

I promise to try a second batch this week because they tasted great.

Happy baking to all, please feel free to share your favorite cookie recipes...I love new recipes!!