Summer fun

I am like a kid in summer, trying to drink in every day like a tall glass of lemonade or my favorite half lemonade half tea, an Arnold Palmer. We have been tubing, swimming, playing and enjoying our break from school and soccer.

We are spending time with family and friends staying unplugged. We are loving summer, hope you are too!!!


We all have 24 hours...

I know we all have 24 hours, but sometimes I feel as though  the hours, the days, the weeks, the months fly by and the routine of life takes over. When I get free time, I do not always use it wisely.  I am better if I have a plan or trick myself to clean the house so I can create new pieces,  learn a new technique, or just read.

I make time for family and friends, enjoy running and reading outside, volunteer at school , see my girlfriends for bunko and book club.   Enjoy time with all my boys including my Dad and brothers.  But sometimes it feels like I living ground hog day:-)

Where do the hours go?

  • wake up drink coffee, a must
  • laundry started
  • dishwasher emptied
  • one off to school
  • breakfast, lunches the next two off  to school
  • exercise
  • run errands and volunteer
  • lunch
  • create and clean
  • one home, snack and homework
  • 2 more home, snack and homework
  • soccer
  • dinner
  • finish homework
  • read
  • bed
  • repeat

How do you spend your 24 hours?


What I have been up to...

  • taught an Art Class on Picasso
  • worked on  finishing some new pieces for MS Ride fundraiser
  • made a double batch of nestle toll house cookies for the b-day boy to bring to school
  • birthday dinner with green tortellini and brownie cake, that had to wait until the next day because b-day boy fell asleep because he was sick
  • soccer, soccer, soccer another Championship this weekend
  • fundraiser and hanging with friends
  • cleared space and set up games in the basesment, this was no small feat, lol due to snow in the forecast for the Birthday Celebration
  • great fun with our extended family
  • and another week speeds by:-)

Cookie disaster…

I have been baking cookies since I was a child and all my brothers and sister loved the cookies that I would crank out and my mother would look around the kitchen wondering what exploded, I am a messy baker. Each year my neighborhood hosts a cookie swap and we all love cookies, but three things went wrong.

  • Had the time wrong, it was way earlier than I thought, afternoon versus evening and I needed to whip up a quick batch.
  • Picked out a new recipe and did not realize it needed to be refrigerated so went to Martha Stewart googled quick cookies and decided to try oatmeal crisp.
  • When they baked I had a sheet of one big flat cookie, took them out decided to roll, cut and sprinkle with powdered sugar and all would be good in cookie land

NOT....I am not sure who was more disappointed my boys because I had no cookies to swap or me because I had an unrecoverable cookie disaster!!

Lucky for me I suggested we add an ornament swap to the cookie swap this year so if you did not want to bake cookies you could still swap an ornament, I think I jinxed myself from the get go.

Arrived at the cookie swap late, ornament in hand, no cookies, with a big grin on my face because it was just a comedy of errors and made me laugh.

I promise to try a second batch this week because they tasted great.

Happy baking to all, please feel free to share your favorite cookie recipes...I love new recipes!!

Running, running, running....

So my thoughts are running around my brain and I really just need to get some new running shoes, to get my body running and clear my head!! A good workout can do more for me than anything else. I can get my focus, reduce my food cravings and empty the chatter/to do list  in my head. 

A run with new running shoes and all is right in my world again!!

Dog sitting....a surprising fit

So, my boys have been hounding us to get them a dog.  So we are dog sitting this week and have a nice 10 year old dog staying with us.  It has been easier than I thought or this was the case when I started this post.  Four days in it is still going pretty well, but the boys are not eager to pick up droppings or always at the ready to let the dog out.  So while the dog seems to be fitting in better than I thought, my boys are getting a taste of what it is like to have a dog 24/7.  I think we will get a dog in the near future, but not sure we are quite ready.

Summer and the living is easy…Carpe Diem

So here I sit trying write a post. It is summer in full mode and the living is easy as long as you are not trying to accomplish anything. I love summer, I still feel like a kid and it is school break and we should just play and have fun in the sun..which we have done a lot of... 4 states 4 beaches all in a matter of weeks.   But I hear the call of laundry and tidying and jewelry making and kids wanting to be played with and not enough hours in the day.   So I will publish this post, get back to having fun and try to enjoy this unstructured time with my boys!!!