Focus On Life Week 52-Saying Goodbye

I have really enjoyed Focus on Life this year. I was contemplating the last prompt, and was so excited to see  Sally offering Focus on Life for 2014.

Sign up today for the early bird pricing.

I am not saying goodbye...but I am saying hello to what is next on the horizon.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Sally  and all the participants for inspiring me this year and I look forward to continuing the journey next year.

I would love suggestions on how to be more efficient visiting send me your hints.

Warm Wishes to you and yours for a Healthy and Happy New Year and to what is next on the horizon.

Manasquan Inlet


Focus On Life Week 47-Centerpiece, 48-Give Thanks

As I pondered this week's prompt I knew that the centerpiece of my life was people and connecting with them in a meaningful and present way. I was spending too much time on juggling and getting things done and not enough quality time with people.

First up was a beer with my hubby at a local brewery, my picture for week 47.

I made a conscious effort to get out  more. I  met an artist friend for coffee, went to an artist gathering, made connections at a local gallery and was asked to participate in an open house.

I am so energized by people and in  day to day of life, I some times do not take the time to make the connections.

My second photo is a sugar skull birthday cake, a group of friends were out celebrating a birthday and I asked if I could snap a picture of the cake...pretty cool.

I give thanks to all my family and friends and love every minute we get to spend is so worth it and I am thankful that I have made that an ongoing priority.


Lost Rhino photo 2 (2)



Focus on Life Week 45 Industrial and Week 46 Reflect

I have driven by Herndon Irons Works so many times saying I would stop to check it out. When Sally gave us the Industrial theme, I knew I had to go on a photo safari.  Below are the pictures I liked from the shoot.




Herndon Iron Works


I have been in a reflective mode about my jewelry making  for most of this year, 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. I almost feel like I have been in a rut.

I think the one thing I have learned is what I do not want to do.  Knowing this,  gets me closer to what I want to do and enables me to just focus on that and clear out old inventory and supplies.

I am also am thrilled that this week I made a pair of earrings with a pair of lamp work beads that I made and I love them.

The copper had been embossed, fold formed  and patinated, but needed something else.

I added a curve to it, thanks to the insight from Stacie Florer's class at ArtBliss and it changed the component. I used a wine cork to shape the curve.

I was looking for the right beads to make earrings and  I was thrilled that a pair of lamp work I recently made fit perfectly.

So with a lot of patience and perseverance,  I was able to finish  this pair.

As I reflect back over the year I realize I have been torn between where I was and where I want to go.

Finishing this pair made the path clear again. Thanks for visiting and have a great week!!

Copper and blue earrings


Focus on Life Week 39-Your Best Shot

I am always thrilled when I can capture a shot that represents my week. Gorgeous sky at soccer drop off, I only regret I did not have my big camera with me, I need to carry that with me more often.

Thanks for coming by and have a great week.

Evening Sky by  Sandi Volpe

Socer Practice

Focus on Life Week 34- Add something

I had a wonderful time at Bead Fest, but fell short on getting my picture done and posted before I left. I honestly did not know what I wanted to add to my picture, so today I decided to try and add something to my sunflower picture.

I know I have to play more with effects, but a least I got to try the befunky tool Sally suggested. I sharpened the picture and decided on the film frame effect.

Black Eyed Susan

Please check out  all the other pictures linked below.

I am enjoying this last bit of summer with my starts next week.

Have a great week and I will be back on track this week and post some bead fest photos too!