Bead Table Wednesday...metal smithing and torches

When I started beading, I wanted to learn metal smithing and I have taken classes from some amazing teachers. Nick Barnes teaches at Stars Beads in Vienna, Virginia.

I took my first class with Nick and still wear the bracelet I made most days. I took a second class with Nick and the bracelet and earring set below have a new home, thanks to a fellow soccer mom.

I kept taking classes both online and in person with Stephanie Lee, Deryn Mentock, and Richard Salley through ArtBliss and most recently at Bead Fest with Melissa Cable, more on this class  in a later post.

I love working with metal and used my mirco torch successfully for my projects. The torch seemed to not be as hot as I would like, so I ordered a new one a Lenk pro, recommended by Deryn and I  love it.  I wish I had gotten a stronger torch sooner, it is so much quicker to do what you want with the right torch.


I also, jumped on the Painting with Fire train during the book tour last year and I have not looked back. I use Mapp gas with the torch kit I bought from Barbara Lewis. With Barbara's book, the Painting with Fire Ning site and watching the videos, I have been able to enamel beads and hope to take a class in perosn with Barbara in the near future. A sampling of my enamel beads and a favorite pair of earrings that I made.  What tool have you upgraded and wished you had purchased it sooner?