Bead Table Wednesday...because I am a maker!

I have always been a maker and crafter, entered 4-H  bake sales, made  a huge crewel wall hanging for an auction fund raiser in high school and would learn what ever someone was willing to teach me. Thanks to my grandparents, aunts and friends for teaching me all those years. After leaving the corporate world to be a stay at home mom of 3 boys I tossed around ideas of what part time job I could do from home.  I tossed ideas to my husband, but most involved selling a product put out by a corporation, when I love something I can sell my heart out, but nothing seemed right.

I hosted a jewelry party, I like to call a check book party, probably more aptly named a  debit/credit  card party today , several years ago and thought I can make jewelry.

I was particularly attracted to a bracelet that had glass beads and sterling silver. I started collecting supplies and beads and taking classes locally, but I need to keep learning and I hope I never stop.

I had a lot of hand made jewelry in my collection that inspired me to learn soldering and  metalsmithing.  I started out slow and have been picking up steam.  I found a community online thanks to ArtBliss  and Lori Anderson.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that inspires me to be a maker and delights in the new skills that I acquire.

My boys are most taken with the torch fired enamel, by  Barbara Lewis, that I have been doing lately, organizing my supplies and picking colors...if only I would let them torch, maybe soon!

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So pictures of one of my first bracelets that found a home on another wrist  and a collection of enamel beads for sale  in my etsy store.



Tip of the day: I love taking pictures in natural light on a cloudy day, but since this is not always possible my neice, Katie McElroy encourged me to make a light box out of a cardboard box and it is a huge help. I hope to be replacing all my pictures with improved pictures in my etsy shop including setting up the lighting inside so I can take pictures anytime I want, I will let you know how that goes.

Live, love, laugh! Sandi