Bead Soup is on...

It is hard to believe that this is already my third Bead Soup Blog Party, hosted by the talented and generous Lori Anderson, there is even a book about this sought after party that I was lucky enough to participate in again! My partner for this swap is Sarah of Saturday Sequins.  Sarah cleverly packaged my soup in an old VHS tape case to keep it safe.  Because the mail came late and I was running one of the boys to soccer, he opened the package for me and he said this looks like beads that you use, yipee!  Sarah sent a fantastic mix of beads including carnelian one of my favorites, a handmade clasp, mini artwork that I can use in my soldered pendants and some sequins.

I already have a good idea brewing and yes I plan on challenging myself since this is what the party is all about and use the sequins.  I will have to have my soup ready earlier with my post set up automatically,  because I will be dipping my toes in the Carribean with a bakers dozen of girlfriends celebrating a bunch of birthdays!!

If you have any suggestions on incorporating sequins in a design please leave me a comment!!