Bead Soup Book Blog Tour and ArtBliss

The  Bead Soup Book Tour is this week. There are plenty of prizes to be won, including my necklace from the Bead Soup Blog Party 6.  The book is fun, I am so happy for my friend Lori and all her contributors!!! I was able to visit the bead soup queen and  pick up the book at ArtBliss.

ArtBliss, was fantastic., thanks Jeannette and Cindy for organizing.

I was fortunate to take a lamp working class with Kerry Bogert and hang with my creative friends old and new!!

My bucket from Kerry with my Art Beads, I need to find some place local to kiln anneal my beads and the future beads I make, until I am ready to invest in a kiln myself!!

I so appreciate all the lamp working beads even more now that I have tried my hand at it myself. I am sure I will continue to add to my collection from my favorite lamp work artists as I learn.  Thanks for all the help and guidance Kerry!!!