Bead Soup Blog Party....happy hopping

This is my second bead soup blog party and to say that I am thrilled is a huge understatement. I am lucky to be a part of this and I really feel like I am getting to know more artists online, a bit hard for me because I am a talker...may have to try Skype:-) A huge thank you and a confetti of beads for Lori Anderson, the hostess with so much enthusiasm and uplifting blog posts. Lori has introduced me to this amazing online community as well just writing some of the best blog posts I have read. Lori can be funny, serious, engaging, but most all she makes me smile. It is like her happiness jumps off her blog!!!

Please visit my  bead soup partner from Canada, Penny Neville from Copper Penny Designs.  Penny  sent me a Nan Emmet owl pendant, love it, 2 clasps and coordinating beads, chain and fiber.Penny has  a lot of great designs and has a great eye for picking out things I like on etsy. Thanks Penny for a great soup and I can not wait to see what you create!  I was a bit nervous  getting my soup out since I knew it would take a bit longer to get to Penny in Canada.  I love making soldered pendants and wanted to to send one to Penny, but was worried about having coordinating beads. Seeing the other soups made me realize I should shop for a better variety of colors especially neutrals to go with all my art beads and pendants.


Anyway to the reveal before and after:


As I worked the design I wanted to capture the color of the pendant and debated using a pink rose quartz color, but wound up with iolite rondelles. I loved the chain Penny sent me and I decided to go with the chain and layer a wire crocheted strand of iolite as well as the fiber. I used s clasps to attach the crochet and fiber to the chain so I could change the look.  I also loved the big round pearls and used them to make a pair of earrings with Havana Beads  head pins by Raida .  I have a bracelet on the bench using the second clasp Penny sent and her other beads. Stay tuned for the bracelet, I will post in the BSPS flickr group.  Enjoy the hop. The list of participants can be found  here, happy hopping.