At the I started making jewelry

I  have always enjoyed  making things with my hands. Since I was a little girl, if there was a craft I would try it.  I was fortunate enough to have a grandfather that was a tailor, a grandmother that was a seamstress and many aunts that knitted, crocheted, needlepointed and all sorts of crafts. I entered 4-h fairs and made lots of gifts. In high school I challenged myself in home economics and made a down vest, I can still remember my mom vacuuming the feathers that flew out as I stuffed  the vest! I also created a huge needle work hanging for an auction at my high school.

I used to re-string jewelry pieces taking a few beads off putting them on straight pins from sewing, bending them with my Dad's pliers  and putting them on ear wires from another pair of earrings. My mother had a beautiful collection of crystal necklaces.

I continued my crafting ways and even started a floor cloth venture with 2 friends, we did a few shows, but it was on to marriage and families.  I kept making things for gifts and dabbling in new crafts.

On to the corporate world of investment management, computer training and software development, 2 kids, 2 jobs and 2 travel schedules and I said uncle. I became a stay at home mom and had my third child.

I wanted to find something to do to earn a bit of money, but all the checkbook party companies did not seem to be the right fit.  I hosted a jewelry show for a friend and thought, I can make my own jewelry and sell it.

So I started making jewelry as gifts, checked out books from the library bought supplies and the jewelry making journey began.

I have taken classes to learn techniques inspired by handmade pieces from other artists I have collected over the years. I am excited every day to make new pieces when I am not trying to keep up with 3 boys, the laundry etc.

I took Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons,  joined the etsycrest team and I am taking Stephanie Lee's Homesteaders online course.

I am looking forward to learning new techniques and connecting with other artists and online. If you want to read more about how people have been inspired to start with their art, you can visit these links, part the of Esty Crest Blog Carnival.

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