Why Makers need Marketing

I have been making jewelry for years struggling with what to make that will sell and sometimes taking the joy out of making.  I was taking classes and trying techniques so that I could find my artistic voice.

I will tell you that finding your artistic voice is only a small part of the puzzle, but an extremely important part.  I am really glad that I found my creative voice and knew I needed to up my marketing efforts.

I started following Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity and her voice and her process resonated with me so I joined her membership club, The Luminaries Club.  The club is a treasure trove of actionable marketing strategy and a great community of like minded creatives ready to lend a hand.

There is so much noise online that I vowed to limit who I followed because there is value in simplicity and following one program. I do have a few others that I follow and listen to for different aspects of my business, but for marketing and sales strategy is Marketing Creativity.

Today I am sharing a video that will give you an idea of her style and strategies, enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions.




This post does contain affiliate links but I only posts programs that I personally use and I am happy to answer any questions.