In the Studio

After a fantastic break I am back in the studio. I frequently get asked the question how long does it take me to make something and the truth is, it is complicated. The making is easy once I have hashed out a design.

Some days I am on a roll with designing and making, other days the creative muse is absent.

I have learned the more I am in the studio doing something, it becomes a habit and I creating has a flow.

Sharing a peek in to my process this is a shot of what I am currently working on, earrings designed and ready to be put together.

In the studio, work in process

In the studio, work in process

Fall update and where to find my Jewelry

I have been busy in the studio creating for  the following shops and events as well as prepping custom orders. If you see an item you like in the shop and would like a different color please let me know. I am happy to accept custom orders that are a variation of my current collections.


The Painted Pig

11 E. Pennsylvania Avenue

Lovettsville, VA 

Hours : Th, F, Sat 10-5pm

Artspace Gallery Shop

750 Center Street 

Herndon, Virginia 20170

Hours: T, W,Th,F,Sat 11-4


  • Glorious Goblets Holiday Open House

    • November 30, 2018  2-9pm

  • Pop up Shop at Artspace Herndon 

    • December 1, 2018 10-4pm

    • 750 Center Street Herndon, VA 20170 

  • Glorious Goblets Holiday Open House

    • December 2, 2018 11-4 pm

I hope to see you soon and thanks so much for supporting my handmade jewelry business.

Summer Fun and New Earrings

Wow, I have had a fun and busy summer with family and too much time away from my studio.

I always like to keep a small notebook with me to jot ideas as well as sketch designs.

I even listened to a live call from my Artist and Profit makers class as I drove my son to college orientation.

Artist and Profit makers has kept me plugging away on things I can do on the fly when I am not in the studio making.  While I crave some creative time, I really enjoy working on strategy and enjoying the ebbs and flows of a summer schedule.

Here is a  quick pair of earrings, currently in the Gallery at ArtSpace Herndon at  750 Center Street in Herndon, Virginia.  Hours are T-Sat 11-4.  

I hope you are enjoying the ebbs and flow of summer.


Fun Summer Earrings

Fun Summer Earrings

Style for work, day and play

I know I am always looking for styles that will go with my day to day whether I am at work, running errands or out with friends.  I am highlighting 3 ways to wear one of my hand made necklaces for work, day and play.   The modern flower red enamel pendant is available in my shop.   

I hope you enjoy and as always please let me know if you have any questions.

Work with a pop of color.

Work with a pop of color.



Day for running errands or meeting friends.

Day for running errands or meeting friends.

Date night, add a beautiful scarf.

Date night, add a beautiful scarf.

Rocking my Grey Hair

My mom had the most beautiful grey hair and I am sure she is smiling down on me saying yes, yes, yes.  I tried rocking my grey hair about 10 years ago when my mom died and it really didn't work for me. This time around I have decided to embrace it  and I love it.  To be honest I was getting really frustrated by the color not staying in long and fading out, I am a brunette so the shift to grey has been a big one for me,  but since grey hair is trending right now, it feels pretty great to have my natural grey.

Layering necklaces helps put the focus on my jewelry. Find the top enamel pendant in my shop. 


Style inspiration for Winter

I really love layering on different types of sweaters and vests over the same shirt to vary my  look.. Here are a couple of  examples of my winter style.  My first picture is a with a wrap around sweater, the second one is with a navy vest and the final one is with a jean jacket. Each picture I am wearing a black and white enamel pendant made by me and a long sleeve gray v-neck. Super snowy cold day here, so drinking coffee and tea all day. 


Tacky Holiday Earring Challenge

Hi all and welcome. I decided to do the tacky holiday earring challenge,  because I thought it would be fun.

I knew I wanted to make tinsel tassels earrings. Tinsel is a lot harder to wrangle than I thought, but I pressed on.  I made a gold hoop to dangle the tassel from then made my ear wires.   I think I was able to get just the look I envisioned. I always use a wire rounder (my prop in the picture) to make sure I get a nice smooth round end to all ear wires that I make.

Thanks to Diana for organizing and have fun checking out  Diana's design as well as the other participant's fun designs.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!


November Contest and My planning System

As I get ready for Thanksgiving, I am grateful for  each and every one of you and hope you allow yourself time to enjoy family, friends, food and football. 

Please sign up for my newsletter to keep up with what I am making, where I'll be and flash sales. and you will automatically be entered to win one of my filigree enamel pendants, your choice of colors.  I will draw a winner on December 1, 2017.

Good luck and on to how I plan my time and the books I use.


My primary planner for everything is my Plum Paper Planner, it is customizable and what I love is that my days are split up in to morning, afternoon and evening.  Having my day divided helps me chunk my schedule in to  manageable blocks.

The book I use for my business planning is Your Best Year 2018, I was able to attend the launch party in October and it really helps me focus on what I need to do, including setting goals. I have been using it the last 2.5 years and Marketing Creativity, Lisa's website has so much great info as a companion to the book and planner.  There is also  Your Best Year Life Edition for those of you  that don't have a business. This is a great time of year to finish 2017 strong and be ready for 2018.

This post does contain an affiliate link for your beset year planner, but I never recommend something that I don't use.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy time with you and yours.


Contest for Newsletter sign up

I am working hard in the studio making items for the upcoming holidays.  As a way to keep you informed on what I am making, what events I will be participating in and any flash sales, please sign up for my newsletter.

I will probably send 1 to 2 newsletters per season. I look forward to growing a list of my followers and I am excited to have a contest for my lucky pendant. 

All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter and you will be entered, box at right.

Contest open until 10/31/2017 at midnight. I will select a winner with random number generator on 11/1/2017.  Thanks and good luck on winning!





Free Webinar Wednesday August 29, 2017 at Noon

I love tips and tricks and learning how to approach what  would take me awhile to learn.  As a creative,  selling online is my weakness, in person I'm fine as I can talk about my process,  I will be adding videos to share my process in the near future, which I think will help online.  

In the meantime, I plan on listening to the live webinar by Lisa Jacobs to continue to improve my sales efforts.

I hope you will join me on how to become a best selling strategist, it is a 3 part series, see video 1 here and video 2 here.

Come back and share what you have learned. I'll be posting what I've learned and what I'm doing to change my sales strategy.





Strategies for Selling

Selling is a hard part for a creative, but it doesn't have to be.

What if someone were to hand you a roadmap that could show you, step-by-step, how to market your business to sold out success? Meet my business coach, Lisa Jacobs.  Please check out the video below to become a best selling Strategist. 

This is part two of her insanely valuable strategist series. If you missed day one, find it right here

Why Makers need Marketing

I have been making jewelry for years struggling with what to make that will sell and sometimes taking the joy out of making.  I was taking classes and trying techniques so that I could find my artistic voice.

I will tell you that finding your artistic voice is only a small part of the puzzle, but an extremely important part.  I am really glad that I found my creative voice and knew I needed to up my marketing efforts.

I started following Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity and her voice and her process resonated with me so I joined her membership club, The Luminaries Club.  The club is a treasure trove of actionable marketing strategy and a great community of like minded creatives ready to lend a hand.

There is so much noise online that I vowed to limit who I followed because there is value in simplicity and following one program. I do have a few others that I follow and listen to for different aspects of my business, but for marketing and sales strategy is Marketing Creativity.

Today I am sharing a video that will give you an idea of her style and strategies, enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions.




This post does contain affiliate links but I only posts programs that I personally use and I am happy to answer any questions.

BSBP Bead Hoarders Edition

I have done many Bead Soup Bead Parties and I have to say it's one of the best things I have ever done. I have connected with so many fantastic creatives over the years thru this wonderful blog hop hosted by Lori Anderson. This time my partner is Maria Rios, who sent me a beautiful focal and coordinating beads.  I decided I wanted to do a multi strand necklace. I knew one strand would be a piece made with my lucet that I purchased from Cooky Shock. I was practicing with the lucet creating a chain, but had no idea what I would use it for...well the color and texture were perfect for the pendant that Maria sent me. Next I decided I wanted to add some leather or silk and a hand knotted cord with the beads.  I am really pleased with the way it came out.  My three cords did not line up the way I wanted so I have knotted the ends together and will add a length of chain with  simple toggle or lobster clasp.

I can't wait to see what everyone else created. Please check out the list of the participants at Lori Anderson's blog and check out the BSBP pinterest board.

To see what everyone else created click HERE, enjoy!

Inspiration and Action a Creative Guide

I am so grateful to be walking this path as a creative, but it isn't always easy. The wealth of information at our fingertips is truly overwhelming. I feel like I am finally cracking the code of inspiration and action. We all need some inspiration, but we also need to take action.  Last  year I started  listening to podcasts with Tiffany Han and wow, they are full of inspiration and I feel like in my head I am saying yes, yes yes.  Many of these podcasts motivated me to get to doing the work, but I felt like I needed more.

I had been following Marketing Your Creativity by Lisa Jacobs, but I wasn't engaged.  Finally Lisa's voice reached me, resonated with me and I felt like I had a coach in my corner and the marketing savvy that I lacked.   I am a maker, I love making, but marketing seemed elusive.  I felt like I knew what to do, but it was like a diet I was not following it.  I have to say I am not sure why it all seemed to click, but I think it was because I was ready and willing to change they way I am doing things.

I would be remiss if I didn't add the tool that really has helped with my process is,  using the Bullet Journal by Ryder Carroll. I have always kept a notebook for as long as I can remember, a steno, a legal pad, my levenger planner...the brillance in Ryders system for me is the index and collection pages.  I have my small bright orange leuchtturm bullet journal that I carry everywhere, the color makes me happy and I can add notes easily. I also have a big levenger planner for business and blogging that I am numbering pages and keeping an index.  Writing down the actionable steps, not just a to do list has really helped me move forward.

Bullet Journal
Bullet Journal

I have always loved simplicity, so finding inspiration,  action and  a tool to use, I know I will have a great 2016.   So I challenge you to find the one person that inspires, one person who helps you take action and a tool to help keep you on track.  Let me know where are you find inspiration, action and the tool you use.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Ben Franklin.

Sandi Volpe

My post contains an affiliate link to the journal that I use, my blog will only contain links to  products  that I personally use and recommend.

Back in the Studio and Wine and Design Workshop at ArtSpace Herndon

I am finally back in the studio creating and it feels great. I kicked off this fall by participating in Herndon's Art Crawl in October, it really re-ignited my creative flame. It was fun to chat about my work and I have a clearer vision of what I want to make.  I have two upcoming events in December.

I will be joining Mary Sears of Glorious Goblets at her open house on December 4, 2015 and December 5, 2015, please email me if you would like more details. I will be featuring both a customized pendant and earring bar, where you can select the perfect color combination just for you or as a gift for a friend.


Copper Pendant


I am also teaching a Wine and Design workshop at ArtSpace Herndon on December 8, 2015 7-9 p.m.  In class you will be designing a metal pendant or earrings, by hammering the metal and shaping the metal and adding beads to it. It will be a fun and  fast paced class, no experience necessary.

For more information and to register click here.

Wine and Design Pendants



Body, Mind and Soul

I have had this blog topic on my mind for a very long time. I am a firm believer in moving my body and getting exercise.  I find that when I exercise, it clears my mind and feeds my soul. I also find when I exercise I eat better and sleep better.  I love walking outside, beautiful scene taken on my walk today!

I am going to give you my top 10 tips for  moving and what I have learned along the way.

I would love to hear about your exercise routine and please feel free to ask any questions.

Before you start any exercise program, please make sure you have been cleared by your doctor.


Lake Anne Canoes

  1. Do something, thats right just get moving, walking, biking swimming.  Start where you are and add as you get stronger.
  2. Make sure you have comfortable shoes, go to a running store to get fitted properly, the wrong shoes will create or equipment is an investment in your health.
  3. I always regret not working out, so I try to make sure to get it in even when my schedule gets crazy.
  4. Find a friend,  I was  a runner, but  after knee surgery 2 years ago I could only walk, so I started walking with friends. It is a great way to catch up and I am moving.
  5. Don't over due it, if you are tired take a recovery day, your body will thank you and your gains come during recovery.
  6. Plan your work outs for the week. I try to get 3-4 classes in at a local gym and 1-2 walks a week. If the weather is bad or too hot I walk in my house or go to a mall.
  7. Involve your kids, both human and furry if possible. When my boys were younger I would run to a playground and then they got to play.
  8. If you get injured, rest  and ice your injured body part.
  9. Thermacare warm patches are always in my house, they are great to wear on my back all day if I have overdone it and my muscles are tight.
  10. Have fun, find something that you enjoy doing and you will stick with it.

Move your body to clear your mind and feed your soul!


The secret of getting ahead is getting started. -Mark Twain 




Creating with Cabochons

Sally Russick is one of my first beady friends that I met in class at ArtBliss, she is inspiring and creative. I signed up for the creating with cabochons challenge with good intentions, but chickened out in completing  my plan.

I have a gorgeous cab by Kerry Bogart and I am afraid I will mess up setting it, so it sits on my workbench waiting to be finished.

I chickened out, mainly because I have not had a torch out in so long.

I am posting my in progress project and hope to get my torch out and practice so I can finish and have a beautiful new pendant.

Cab Challenge


If anyone is local and wants to coach me thru my fear or face time me, please let me know.

Thanks for coming by, and please stop by and see all the fabulous creations by the other participants.

Sandi Volpe-You are here.


The Art of Awareness Blog Hop

I am so happy to be poking around in the studio again. Thanks to Lori Anderson and Heather Millican for sponsoring this blog hop. Every day we have no idea what another person is going through.

I decided to pick  Carpe Diem as one of my beads, because every day is a gift and I want to live it to the fullest.

I decided to pick Namaste which means I acknowledge the divine in you, for more information check out  the information on yoga journal.

This year has been a difficult one for my family, but I feel blessed everyday by the beauty that surrounds me and the souls I see and touch every day.

I walk with friends several times a week and it has been become a highlight of my week and great therapy...I highly recommend it!

I hope you have a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by.

My beads are a work in progress. Carpe Diem has a knotted head pin and a lamp work bead by OutWest.

Namaste is in the works, I really wanted to make a bracelet with the word going across the wrist...finally decided this morning that tab setting it would give it a base to

make it the way I envision it. They will both go on leather.